Here’s what our members have said about our services.


I first came into contact with Business East around 5 years ago when I was trying to put together my first business plan.   John from Business East came to our property and I went through what I wanted to achieve with our lavender plantings.


He advised me on the best way to start creating a business plan and looking at the business idea from a realistic point view and not one through rose coloured glasses.


Having that contact over the next 5 years whilst developing our vision should not be underestimated.  Knowing that you have resources to draw on and that no large consultancy fees were attached made the daunting process of starting a new business a little less stressful at a time when every dollar counts towards your success.


When looking at ‘the bottom line’ with these things, I really believe that the real benefit should be measured not just by what the costs are to the community to keep these people employed and able to do their job.  It should be measured by the economic benefit that is created when someone that they have helped and guided launch a business and generates economic growth in the area through employment, taxes and general economic stimulation.  I am certain once these figures are looked at the odds are firmly in Business East’s favour.


In our case we started our business in October 2014 from nothing, we have gone on to create 18 new jobs in a regional area, substantial economic benefits to local community, a new visitor experience, GST and Tax revenue that simply didn’t exist prior to this time.


This is just one case, and I have no doubt that there are many more examples similar to what we have achieved.  In the beginning it can be quite daunting and would be far easier for ideas to remain dreams.  Having some guidance along the way can make the difference with having the confidence to follow those dreams and turn them into a reality.     


We are very thankful for being able to access the services offered by this dedicated and passionate team.


Clare Dean – Port Arthur Lavender



I spoke to John Beard of Business East in 2016 after using the internet to research starting a business. My research found that having a mentor and someone who believed in your business dream was a good idea. It gave me more confidence than when I started my previous business. I had been in business over 25 years ago in a completely different industry. I had no mentor, and was completely inexperienced in the area of being the sole proprietor of a small business. It was a learning curve and journey I had never experienced. There was no internet to do any research in those days, just my skill, hope and faith.


John Beard was the listening ear that I needed to pursue my idea that I’ve had since 2013.


Our business is about standing up for what we believe in. A social conscious is nice to have, it’s whether you are prepared to practise it, is what makes the difference. The disability industry is being turned upside down by the NDIS. NDIS is the biggest social reform to hit Australia since Medicare back in the seventies, and having a social conscious is paramount.


John, who was initially hesitant, but later encouraging, made the pathway clearer for the business to become a reality. Thanks to John, my idea has been transformed into an amazing reality.


I have no hesitation in recommending John and the Business East community.


Pauline Stanton – Access2Choice Tasmania Pty. Ltd.




I was first associated with Business East in 2010 after coming to Tasmania to start my business. Business East has provided great support and has presented many opportunities for networking with businesses on the eastern shore.


They organize and run Business Forums with very interesting guest speakers; the Women in Business dinners are also a great opportunity for networking as well as providing guest speakers, many of whom are inspirational women.


Business East also provide information on training opportunities, many of which are of little or no cost as well as passing on newsletters from a variety of sources including alerts to changes in relation to taxation, superannuation and worksafe.


Sally Legosz – Herbaceous Tours




For the best part of three decades I was a stay-at-home mother to our six children and concurrently the carer for live-in ailing, elderly parents, however, it has always been my desire to be part of the tourism and hospitality industries, and it was in this context that I came to Business East.


I found the number of Business East and made a fateful phone call.  I was delighted to find that the services were free, and that I could attend special business forums that would help analyze my project, with objective perspectives given on how this might work in actuality.


I learned about assessing the viability of your proposed business venture, marketing, keeping track of finances and a great deal more. John Beard was very helpful in seeking potential opportunities for publishing, while at the same time encouraging me to continue meaningfully with my own efforts.  I received follow-up phone calls to see how things were progressing.


My love for cooking, however, has never been a secret, and so this was a career pathway I was determined to follow.  I was able to apply the same principles that I had learned through the advice given by Business East to grow in confidence and progress to another level.


In time I was invited to take part in an ABC radio talkback show, on the topic of Jams and Preserves. Once I would not have had the confidence to do this, but keeping in mind one of Business East’s forums, I decided to make the most of such a great opportunity.


I am now the best selling author of 11 cookbooks, with more to follow. Sales of my books have now reached over 300,000. I have also been able to fulfill a tandem dream of setting up a little cooking school here at our property in Molesworth.  Again, Business East has played a pivotal role as a touchstone for providing business advice as needed.


Others of our family have also received beneficial advice and assistance – for instance son Alistair (Sweet Envy patisserie) and Stephanie (Steph’s Kitchen).


Undoubtedly, our association with Business East has been highly beneficial.


Sally Wise – Sally Wise Cooking School